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Why work with us?

Because you get an opportunity to make a difference, and have a great time doing that. You are challenged and encouraged here to do stuff that is meaningful for you and for those we serve. You should work with us if you think seriously about what technology can do for people. We are successful, and our successes are rooted in our people’s collective energy and unwavering focus on the customer, and that’s how it will always be.

We work hard and we work fast and, of course, we play hard as well. We are serious about Openness and Transparency. So serious, that we don’t have cabins or cubicles in our offices, just open workspaces and meeting rooms with glass walls.

Culture & Workspace


I own it all. I own to make sure it works in totality. I do not give excuses of who else was supposed to do it. I make that happen. I make sure all others do their components. I do not call it done, till I know it is done.


I understand there is only one differentiator & survival plan we have: speed & turn-around time in an opportunity or risk. I remove every illogical delay. Push boundaries and stretch everyone related to deliver it in the shortest time. I understand we are valued for our speed and I make it better in every action of mine.

Our organization structure and hierarchies exist more to define workflows that do distribute empowerment. We all have access to a similar level of autonomy and opportunities. We all have access to the top.

We thrive on learning and we thrive on innovation, more so because that’s who we are and less because our business may require us to be so. We do things and make stuff happen and we sometimes make mistakes, but what never stops is doing and creating and getting better.

Benefits and Perks

Well, this could be a long and growing list, but here’s a start: Be a part of the Vedanshi that is unfolding in the Digital ecosystemWork with a successful, highly profitable and segment-defining companyA youthful organization and averagecompetitive salariesPeople friendly policies.

Career Enhencement

In a competitive environment, it is increasingly important to have a workplace that not only attracts, but also develops and retains talent. We strive to hire the most talented employees, provide ongoing opportunities for professional training so that you can leverage these tools to expand your skills, build your career and create increasing opportunities for internal mobility within our business verticals.

New Member Training Programmes

As soon as a new member joins, we provide them with a 10 day Team Specific Training Schedule according to domain, niche technology.

Training for Excellence

Vedanshi Technologies Pvt Ltd team members get to choose an area of interest for advanced learning. Some of our programmes include : People leadership, Attitudinal Enhancement and Emerging Leaders.